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mPlans & Store Check-ins

Alison from Chicago asked us, “How do I know what mPlan I’m on or which store I’m checked into?” Can you imagine setting up a plan-o-gram at the wrong location? That would be a major headache! Keep your head ache-free by following these steps:


On the bottom left of the screen is “On Clock”, “Checked-In” and “On mPlan”. To the right of these timers you will see a small grey arrow. Press the arrow and a slider bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here you will be able to see into which store you are checked and how long you’ve been on the clock. Clicking on the mPlan home screen button will take you to the mPlan in which you are currently working. See image below.


Access the same information through an icon on the bottom right of the screen called “My Time”. See image below.

If you feel comfortable going at it alone, forge ahead! If you need help, we are always here for you: 888.686.6245

Helpful Tip

Pausing your mPlan while moving around a store is a great way to ensure all your work is saved in case you lose connectivity. When you are ready to add extra details, click on “resume mPlan” and continue entering information.

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