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Wearable Technology: Faster, Smarter, Smaller

If you see someone having a conversation with their watch, they may very well be crazy or they may just be wearing a smartwatch.

Smartwatches are popping up everywhere recently (even Apple announced the Apple Watch at the beginning of this month). Though smartwatches are by far the most prevalent form of wearable technology that can be spotted on the streets, there are many other forms of wearable technology emerging daily such as Google Glass and fingertip barcode scanners.

Wearable technologies like these along with wearable innovations we have yet to see are more than just a nifty gadget of the future. Since wearable technology can communicate with phones, computers, and other wearable devices, they will enable us to do things faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Wearable devices are being adopted by more and more people everyday as well as by large corporations in industries ranging from retail to health and fitness. These wearables have a wide variety of benefits from increasing your personal health to increasing workplace productivity in a Fortune 500.

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MV tech-beats Q&A

Jennifer from Minneapolis wrote us asking, “If there is something important on my mobile device screen that I want to share with my manager, how do I easily do this?”

Jennifer, there is a very handy solution to this! You can take a screenshot of the information on your mobile device and email it to whomever you’d like. Here are some easy instructions:

iOS (2.0 or higher)

Take: Press the “Home” button and “Lock” button at the same time. The screen will flash white for a second and make a camera shutter noise.
View: Go to the Photos app under an album called “Photos,” “Saved Photos” or “Camera Roll” depending on your iOS version.
Email: When viewing the image, click the action icon (a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it), then the email icon.

Android (2.3 or higher)

Take: Press the Volume Down and Power buttons or at the same time for a second. If you have a newer Android it may be the Home button and Power button.
View: The screenshot will be saved to your Photo Gallery app.
Email: When viewing the image, click the sharing icon (looks like a sideways “V”), then the email icon.

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