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Susan from Chicago, Illinois asked us, “What exactly is WiFi? I am always given complicated explanations that leave me with more questions than I start with. I mean, what is “IEEE 802.11″ anyway?”

Susan, we feel your frustration. “WiFi” is short for Wireless Fidelity. It is essentially high speed internet and network connection minus wires, cables and other stuff you can trip over. While it doesn’t have the same range as Cell Phones yet, it does allow easy, remote access to the internet or your home (or company) network whenever you happen to be within a “hotspot”.

To connect to your WiFi go to “Settings” within your device and turn WiFi to “on”. Turning the WiFi to “on” does NOT always automatically connect you to a Network; you will need to choose which network to connect to. Many businesses are now offering free WiFi – you will know it’s free as there will be no lock icon next to it.

As wonderful as WiFi is, sometimes using your 3G/4G or LTE signal is best. If you have low WiFi connectivity and high 3G/4G or LTE connectivity then turning off your WIFi is recommended until you are in a more stable WiFi environment.

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46% of U.S. adults said that Internet would be the hardest technology to give up. Though only 10% of adults would feel lost without social media. What other form of technology would be hard to live without?

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