The Omni-Channel Battle Between Walmart & Amazon

On April 11th, 2014, Stan Zylowski, President & Co-Founder of Movista, and Ross Cully, Co-Founder & Sr. Partner at The Harvest Group, spoke with host Derek Ridenoure on “Saturday Morning Meeting” about top retail headlines, insights, trends and best practices.

“[The Internet] is a space that’s hard to own,” said Stan Zylowski regarding the omni-channel battle between Walmart and Amazon.

Market Watch reported that 9% of in-store Walmart customers shop at while 53% shop at Also, 74% of shoppers shop at where as only 18% of shoppers shop at

“What are [Walmart and Amazon customers] buying online? That’s what I’m interested to know,” continues Zylowski. “There’s really no logical way for Walmart to try to put [jewelry and big ticket] items on their shelves. Walmart needs to own the Walmart shopper, right? And that shopper may not be the Amazon shopper; it’s a different customer.”

Watch the full episode of “Saturday Morning Meeting” here.

Topics discussed:

  • The omni-channel battle between Walmart and Amazon
  • Consumer profile differences of Walmart and Amazon shoppers
  • Online retail reviews and price comparisons
  • Supplier affiliations with community charities
  • Top retail headlines:

  • Walmart teams up with MasterCard for branded credit card transactions
  • Amazon waives payment transaction fees for startups
  • Sam’s Club online site-to-store efforts
  • Walmart shoppers choosing over for online shopping needs
  • Online Walmart ad generated 5.3 million views in 1 month
  • Walmart to open 50 additional wholesale outlets in India in the next 4-5 years
  • ASDA’s plans to create 12,000 jobs in the UK

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