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This week’s question comes from Jerry in Atlanta, GA. Jerry asked us, “How do I prevent my device from falling asleep? After I complete a task, I have to wake it up to enter the job information. It’s so annoying!”

Great question, Jerry. To prevent this from happening, you can change the hibernation settings on your device. You get to choose how long you want your device to stay awake for – whether it be one minute or thirty! (Note: The longer you keep a device awake, the faster your battery will drain.)


  • Go to “Settings” and find “General”
  • Then go to “Auto Lock” to change your device’s sleep settings
  • Most Androids

  • Go into “Settings” and find “Display”
  • Once you’re in “Display” you will see either “Sleep” or “Screen Timeout”
  • Click on “Sleep” or “Screen Timeout” to set your hibernation preferences
  • If you need help or would like to learn more please email us at or call us at (888) 686-6245.

    Cool Tools

    With email, social media, bank accounts, and countless other websites you have to log into everyday, it can be extremely difficult to remember all of your IDs and passwords. Well, there’s an app for that! It’s called LastPass. There’s a desktop version as well and it’s fantastic!

    LastPass remembers all your IDs and passwords, can log you into sites, and can even create highly secure passwords for you! It only works with mobile and desktop browsers but you can store all of your passwords in there for you to look up at any time.

    Remember: If you forget your MVretail ID, it’s a ten digit number – your area code and phone number (the one you registered with of course). Your PIN will be the 4 digit PIN you entered when you registered. If you have forgotten the PIN – we don’t keep them but we can change them. Or you can store it in LastPass for easy lookup!

    If you would like to change the phone number you log in with – go to “Settings”, hit “Profile”, and you can change your ID here.

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