“Boomer Consumers” vs. Millennials with Stan Zylowski (Movista) & Didi Frazier (L’Oreal)

In “Saturday Morning Meeting Talks Generations”, 8th & Walton discusses the highlights of a Saturday Morning Meeting segment which discusses the way retailers market to different generations.

8th & Walton Blog Excerpt: “Ridenoure spelled out the issue for the guests. “Walmart has had somewhat of a marketing problem when it comes to the millennials and the younger generation,” he reminded them. “[My] parents shopped there, I don’t wanna shop there. I wanna try something new and try something different. Target has been trendy.”

Frazier agreed that L’Oreal sees Baby Boomers shopping for their products in Walmart and Milliennials doing so at Target, but saw opportunities for Walmart to reach Millennials shopping in the HBA category. “Trying to drive some more excitement within that category is key for Walmart right now to grab that consumer.”

Where can that excitement come from?

Zylowski pointed out that Store 100, across the street from Walmart corporate, is using events and consumer education to create an exciting atmosphere in the electronics department. “Clearly Walmart is saying electronics is a part of the store where we’re gonna win over the Millennials,” he suggested. “Win their hearts and get their minds later.”

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Also hear Scott Morris, Co-Foudner of Fresh Pet, talk about “how to deal with a new type of product that has special requirements for delivery and in-store set-up, the value of introducing an idea many months ahead of bringing it on board, and using one product to grow an entire category”. Fresh Pet offers fresh, refrigerated, dog food brought to market in 2007. Scott Morris says, “We knew we were eating fresher, healthier, and less processed foods and we thought there was an opportunity to bring that to the pet market.”

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Headlines discussed:

  • Walmart on Tech Hiring Spree
  • Target Canada CEO Fired
  • City of Portland Divests From Walmart
  • Sam’s Club Continues to Struggle
  • Walmart Closures Impact Small Businesses
  • Walmart Helps U.S.-Based Plastics Plant Owner Add Jobs

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