The satellites of Planet Walmart

Movista was featured in Supermarket News on April 23rd, 2014 in an article titled, “The satellites of Planet Walmart”.

The article highlights technology startup companies in the Northwest Arkansas area including Collective Bias, Field Agent and Movista. The article also explores the idea of the NWA region as being the new Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley. Ted Rubin, former CMO of Collective Bias suggests it’s, “The Silicon Alley of Retail”.

Article Excerpt:
“Being located [near Walmart’s headquarters]…allows access to the “best and brightest” of CPG companies who’ve set up satellite offices to work with Walmart themselves.

Local economic development officials are helping to sustain the burgeoning tech field through a yearly competition known as the Ark Challenge, a business accelerator program awarding technology startups serving the retail and logistics industries five prizes of $50,000 each.

This environment has given rise to companies like Datarank, which monitors social-media conversations about brands; Acumen Brands, a collection of e-commerce sites focused on specialty apparel like medical scrubs; CrossFleet, a technology allowing for efficient transportation management; and Movista, a technology enabling retail headquarter offices to communicate with field workers efficiently.

Movista also built the newly released “Fast to Go” app allowing users to pre-order food and arrange pickup from Walmart’s new convenience store.

“There are a lot of apps in the world,” says Movista co-founder April Seggebruch, “but any app that gets me hot ribs and cold potato salad is magic in my book.”
It could only happen in the Silicon Alley of Retail.”

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