Arkansas Visionaries 2014: They make an impact in science, arts, social justice.

Every year Arkansas Times produces their special Visionaries issue which highlights Arkansas natives or residents who “make an impact in the fields of science, arts and social justice”.

April Seggebruch and Stan Zylowski, the Co-Founders of Movista, were privileged to be a part of this year’s group of Arkansas Visionaries for “battling retail inefficiencies” and for their efforts in building the Northwest Arkansas community.

Article Excerpt:
“These companies have people all over the United States, and their job is to represent the brand by doing work in the store — like build a display, return products, check in stocks, place an order,” Zylowski said. “On a given day, you might have 70 or 80 people working inside a Walmart, for example. All of that stuff was reported via scout’s honor. There was no real way to ensure that people were where they were supposed to be, doing what they were supposed to be doing.”

Zylowski and Seggebruch came up with a solution: Movista (originally called Merchant View), founded in Bentonville in 2010. “Our job is to take companies and help them mobilize their workforces, particularly through smart devices,” Zylowski said. “Everything a worker needs is on a single application on their smart device.”

What began as a startup with just the two of them in an office suite has grown to a company with 25 employees and revenues in the multimillions.

As the company has grown, Bentonville has been booming, too; Zylowski called it a “city on fire” in a recent interview. Zylowski and Seggebruch say that Bentonville was a natural home for Movista given the connection to retail, but it was a risk. “Northwest Arkansas four years ago — it was known for supply chain, for logistics, but for tech — never,” Seggebruch said.

The city’s growth is good news for Movista. “All of the social development and leisure activities around Northwest Arkansas really help us,” Seggebruch said. “The [Walmart] AMP in Rogers, the flourishing of downtown Bentonville, it’s huge for us because that really supports our efforts to recruit talent into the state.”

As companies like Movista succeed and new startups emerge, while cultural and culinary options keep popping up, Zylowski and Seggebruch hope that the various things happening in the “city on fire” will feed on each other.

“It’s a shared vision of creating our own Silicon Valley, our own Austin,” Seggebruch said. “Not to replicate what they’ve done, but really to own our Northwest Arkansas culture.”

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