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MV tech-beats Q&A

Becky from Whitefish, MT sent us an e-mail asking, “Sometimes I don’t seem to have an Internet connection when I’m in a store even though I show 2 bars. How do I know if I have a good signal?” Low Internet connectivity may keep you from being able to view a website or use your favorite apps! Here’s a great way that we check for Internet connectivity:

Open your browser (Safari, Bing or Chrome) to a new website such as or If the site you request doesn’t open or is very slow to appear then your Internet signal is too weak.

No signal? No worry! MVretail has a great feature that allows you to work without having Internet connectivity! It’s called ‘Manual Sync’. If you are unsure how to use this game changing technology please call us at 888-686-6245 and we’ll show you the ropes. Great question Becky and thank you for using MVretail!

Helpful Tip

Use your MVretail mobile app on one device at a time. The application is available for most Android and iOS devices so you could download it on multiple phones and tablets. To keep all of your information in sync and the database happy clock out of the application before using it on a second device. No one wants a sad database….

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