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Clearing Out The Cookies to Refresh Your Device

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Asher from Colorado Springs asked, “Are there any tricks to make my mobile device more responsive? My memory seems to get bogged down over time.” Asher, there are a few simple procedures that will help keep the memory in your device more accessible, fresh and optimized.

First, let’s look at your cache. Anytime you type text to a form or look something up on your device the data is stored in the device’s internal memory for future use. This storage will constantly run in the background and will keep the data stored until it is cleared or erased. Many times you will never need this data and it is simply hogging memory that could be used for your applications.

Clearing your cookies and data is an overall device and browser refresher. This will reset your internal memory, providing more memory for all of your applications including the MVretail application. We recommend doing this procedure weekly.

Here are the steps for clearing your cache for Android and iOS devices:

For iOS

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘Safari’
  • Click on ‘Clear History’
  • When asked to confirm click ‘Clear History’ again
  • Click on ‘Clear Cookies and Data’
  • When asked to confirm click ‘Clear Cookies and Data’ again
  • For Android

  • Open Internet browser
  • Press ‘Menu’ key
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘Privacy Settings’
  • Go to ‘Clear Cookies and Data’
  • Click on ‘Ok’

  • The second procedure is very simple… Turn off your device. When you turn your device back on it resets the memory, ridding the device of any rouge memory usage. We recommend clearing your data cache and turning off your device weekly.

    Fun iOS 7 Fact

    Did you know that there is a hidden level on your iPhone 5 equipped with iOS 7? To access it go to ‘Utilities’, then ‘Compass’. Swipe the screen to the left and a level appears!

    Important Reminder

    Remember to Clock Out at the end of your workday! Not only does it end you work session in the database, it is also very important for your company’s reports. If you don’t clock out the system will do it in the middle of the night and your time worked will be incorrect.

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