Thinking back on the year that was is a natural pastime late in Q4. Our team at Movista is taking stock of our spectacular wins and the painful defeats we were blessed with this year. We are calling a lot of folks back (so if you see me on caller ID answer will you please) and we are trying to understand what comes next. Before that happens though, it seems like we should try to ensure we understand what already happened…

Steve Jobs said it is impossible to connect the dots looking forward. You have to do it looking back. What we saw in the last twelve months were a series of dots that all pointed to the Trinity of retail – Retailers, Suppliers and Service Companies – moving closer to real-time alignment and operational transparency. Movista is playing a role here, which is awesome because this leap of faith is a long time coming and is the reason we started the company. While this trend is exciting, collaboration requires all parties to take a heavy dose of reality, and is not going to be completed anytime soon.

When we expose our daily realities the risk and pucker factors for suppliers and service providers are high and reasonable. What if the folks paying us know that we don’t have 100% coverage everyday? What if a rogue employee sends a photo of their feet? Or worse? How can we stay ahead if we all see things at the same time? The reality is silly employees will do silly things and NOBODY executes at 100%. The question is whether the reality will be accepted. It will, and the gains of organizational connectivity far outweigh the risk that it won’t.

Here is why it makes so much sense:

1. When we share our challenges we invite collaboration on COE.
2. When we collaborate with our clients on COE we create shared strategies/plans and therefore shared investment in outcomes.
3. Clients invested in outcomes become advocates for success and that has a magical way of leading to perceptions of success.
4. Perceptions of success earn us credit and strengthen our ties.
5. Ties with clients lead to more collaboration and better solutions. This is the Holy Grail.

If you reverse any part of these points you lessen your chance of success and producing optimal outcomes. Or simply, you can’t get better by acting as if everything is great when the whole world knows it is not.

Some may say I am advocate for collaboration because our solutions make it possible…that is exactly backwards – We created our solution because we have always been advocates for collaboration. So here’s to programs that deliver real-time results to all the vested parties. This New Year’s Eve raise a glass to sharing our warts instantly so we can fix them sooner, together and forever.

We wish you all a very collaborative, full-bonus, Q4 and bountiful 2016.